kennington choir

Kennington Choir: Let the we like it people sing

The Tate South Lambeth Library is a good place to be this Friday night (27 March) and indeed any night The Friends of the Tate South Lambeth Library are staging an event. First, there’s the event itself, guaranteed absolutely politician/general election–free. Then there’s a bonus, an appearance by the … Continue reading

proposed brixton hoarding

‘Say something nice about Lambeth Council for a change’

That's the challenge from a Vauxhall Society member, who says it’s ‘boring’ to read repeated criticisms of Lambeth’s property-development ambitions. The short answer is ‘Boring to read? Try writing the stuff’. The Vauxhall Society objects to few development proposals, perhaps less than one in 20, and … [Read More...]

keybridge house (proposed)

Information Commissioner orders Lambeth to come clean on secret Kennington Park, Kennington Green and Vauxhall developer deals

The Government’s Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) has ruled against Lambeth Council’s refusal to divulge correspondence on the secret deals it does with property developers. The ruling, logged on the Kennington Oval & Vauxhall Forum website, shows that ICO has thrown out Lambeth’s plea of … [Read More...]

tree of heaven durning library

Judge Sycamore and it's cool the Friends of Durning Library’s hellish Tree of Heaven 

There hasn’t been such a to-do about trees around here since the national press caught on visit our site to the Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens support of Lambeth Council's chopping down  of mulberry trees on the historic  site to make way for £300,000-worth of black concrete columns. The tangled tale of the Friends of … [Read More...]

aerial view of development area oval gasometers

The Blob: Now it blobs up in Oval and Kennington

Your well-known local property developer Lambeth Council is this August to ask itself for the go-ahead to redevelop the lucrative gasometer site next to the Kia Oval. This Lambeth will do in cahoots with a private developer, Berkeley, that via deals with the likes of Lambeth, leapfrogs the buy viagra pills normal planning … [Read More...]

northern line extension

Northern Line Extension: legal challenge withdrawn

Looks like it’s full speed ahead for the Northern Line Extension after the rapid-fire withdrawal of a High Court challenge to an Act of Parliament nodded through at Transport for London’s bidding. The Transport Works Act OK’ing the start of building work on NLE sailed through Parliament on 13 October … [Read More...]