That Tube Line: planning permission denial

Don’t believe the report in the Evening Standard Homes & Property section (2 November), which says that the ‘planning permission has been given for an extension of the Northern Line’. It hasn’t.

The Vauxhall Society called the NLE developer, Treasury Holdings, to check.

‘I have no idea where the journalist got his story from. He certainly never spoke to me,’ said Tony Whitehead, TH’s Northern Line Extension Project Director.

The NLE website says a formal planning application ‘could be’ submitted in 2012.

A Conservative Party donor, Treasury Holdings is Boris Johnson and Transport for London’s partner in NLE, and is nothing to do with George Osborne’s ‘HM Treasury’.

The British Treasury, however, is propping up the Irish bailout. The Irish government has nationalised that country’s banks, including some that hold Treasury Holdings debt.

Asked how much Treasury Holdings debt it holds. NAMA’s replied ‘National Asset Management Agency is precluded from providing details of the debtors whose loans have been acquired.’
Ross Davies

Treasury Holdings, National Asset Management Agency, donations to Conservative Party
Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency
Northern Line Extension


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