Out now – The Vauxhall Society’s Summer Newsletter

Vauxhall Society newsletter Summer 2012Our latest newsletter is available to download now. Just click this link:

Vauxhall Society Newsletter Summer 2012

• Vauxhall One to support The Vauxhall Society’s work in developing Vauxhall Biennale, bringing together Vauxhall’s community groups, local and outside creative talents in an imaginative new arts festival project.

• It’s curtains for the Keybridge House, the BT eyesore on South Lambeth Road; will what follows be much better?
Descendants of a Vauxhall MP enlist the help of the The Vauxhall Society in returning a Great War memorial to its proper home in Vauxhall Walk.

• Latest additions to TVS’s unique local history include the Vauxhall Gardens ‘firework wars’ and how slavery operated in medieval Brixton, and with further articles on the way.