A skyscraper to put others into the shade?

If you own a flat in Park Mansions, South Lambeth Road, or are a fan of Vauxhall Park, it might pay you to take an interest in an application that could go before Lambeth Planning Committee on 24 July. This is for a so-far unnamed 32-storey skyscraper at 30-60 South Lambeth Road, opposite the park and the mansions. A Brit working overseas has emailed TVS to ask how the planning application is coming along, as he is thinking of buying a flat in the mansions, a decision that he says may be affected if the planning application succeeds. Why so? ‘I work in a 30-storey tower that is covered in glass but the shadow effect is pretty enormous. A 30+ storey tower on South Lambeth Road wouldn’t just cover the park, but anything east of it for quite a distance in the evening.’

Oddly enough, the developer’s photograph of the 30-60 South Lambeth Road skyscraper is the now-traditional shot that shows the only shading of Vauxhall Park as being caused by trees. The developer’s consultants claim the shading of park and flats will be ‘minimal’, a claim Lambeth planning department accepts. The department is to submit a report to the planning committee on or about 11 July, but is still accepting your comments.

Lambeth Planning: Iwan Richards, 020 7926 1252 irichards@lambeth.gov.uk



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