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Are the police worth local business’s coppers?
Posted 20 January 2011
Do local businesses think they’re getting their money’s worth from Lambeth police? If you’re running a business in Lambeth we’d like to hear your views at – or comment on the news story. We also invite the police to comment on complaints that they’re too politically-correct to crack down on a particular gang of shoplifters. Read more (and leave your comment)

Supply Lambeth initiative
Posted 13 January 2011
Becoming a supplier to a local authority can be fraught with problems, among them red tape, cronyism, time-wasting and buck-passing. And now ‘cuts’. However, who can afford to pass up any business opportunity these days? Lambeth Council has a FREE workshop that can help businesses understand how to meet the challenge of supplying local authorities.  Read more

Red Route parking charges are red rag to small business
Posted 24 November 2010
Small business in Vauxhall business will be hammered if the Mayor decides to go ahead with a ‘cost-saving’ Transport for London proposal to charge motorists for the 20 minutes they are allowed to park in bays on Red Routes at some times of the day. Read more

What price a Business Improvement District for Vauxhall?
Posted 24 November 2010
What bugs Vauxhall business most is street drinking, the district’s poor image and too many naff shops, according to consultants Lambeth Borough Council is paying to say whether it is feasible to open a Business Improvement District (BID) in Vauxhall. Read more