Vauxhall Cross ‘consultation’: ‘Trust us, we’re Transport for London’

vauxhall bus station by andrea winkelsdorf

The Vauxhall Society is always nagging people to respond to this or that consultation document from Lambeth Council or Transport for London. But a growing number of people are beginning to doubt that it’s worth the effort. ‘Could there be tampering with the replies?’ asks one correspondent of TfL’s alleged findings of a TfL survey […]

Another gong for Gabriel Gbadamosi’s novel Vauxhall

Gabriel Gbadamosi, Vauxhall-born novelist, poet and playwright (and Vauxhall Society committee member), has just won the ‘Best International Novel’ award at this year’s Sharjah International Book Fair for his autobiographically-tinged novel Vauxhall. Even before it was published Vauxhall was a winner, for in 2011 it collected the Tibor Jones Pageturner Prize. Gabriel leads ‘My Vauxhall’, November’s […]

Vauxhall: A Little History – order direct

Vauxhall: A Little History is a full-colour paperback by Ross Davies, Chairman of the Vauxhall Society. Described by the London Evening Standard as ‘must-read for members of Parliament’, Vauxhall: A Little History is, writes Vauxhall author, film and TV star Joanna Lumley, a book that ‘wears its learning lightly and charmingly’. Novelist Will Self says […]

How an advertising pioneer revived Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Thomas Bish

Kennington resident Gary Hicks has contributed a page on advertising pioneer Thomas Bish to the Vauxhall Society’s History section. Bish, whom Hicks describes as “a strange mixture of idealist and spiv” helped raise the cialis woman'>cialis woman equivalent of £2 billion for good causes, and made a mint in the process. Royalty and politicians courted this early media star […]

Book review: Stockwell orphanage boy makes good

 Much More of This, Old Boy…? by Peter Paterson, is the best memoir of a life in print journalism I have read since H. L. Mencken’s rollicking Newspaper Days (1941). Mencken, however, wrote of the reporter’s life in the Baltimore of the early 1900s. Paterson looks back on the Fleet Street of cialis no prescription only yesterday. His […]

Growing Up in Lambeth

We recently rediscovered , written by Mary Chamberlain (born in Lambeth in 1947) and published by Virago in 1989. It paints a fascinating picture of life in Lambeth in the 20th century through oral history and her own experiences. You can pick up a copy for 1p on Amazon.