Join Vauxhall One’s business theme groups

Vauxhall One, the new Business Improvement District for the riverside district, is inviting representatives of any business within the BID area to join one of the four Vauxhall One committees and so help improve the district for everybody. The four committees or ‘theme groups’ are Vauxhall Safe (safer streets) Vauxhall Change (physical regeneration) Vauxhall Day […]

One into Vauxhall will go: business ballot backs Business Improvement District


Vauxhall businesspeople have voted with their wallets to establish a Business Improvement District, Vauxhall One, to ginger up business services and environmental standards. Green spaces in the BID area include Vauxhall Park and Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. The to-be-or-not-to-be ballot of businesses with a rateable value of over £20,000 returned a strong ‘Yes’ from those voting […]

A Business Improvement District for Vauxhall? Ballot closes on 23 February

If you’re the owner or manager of one of the couple of hundred Vauxhall businesses occupying premises with a rateable value of more than £20,000 then remember that Thursday 23 February is the closing day for your vote in the ballot for against a Business Improvement District (‘Vauxhall One’). Vauxhall One would be empowered to […]

Business Improvement District: Vauxhall Park back on the map with Vauxhall One

The Management Committee of Vauxhall One, Vauxhall’s Business Improvement District vehicle, has confirmed that Vauxhall Park does, has and will lie within the BID’s boundaries, and so will feature on all future BID maps. If, that is, there’s a simple majority ‘Yes’ vote to a BID in the ballot of Vauxhall businesses that closes on […]

Vauxhall One to give Vauxhall its Park back

Vauxhall Park miniature houses photo by Tommy Candler

At the urging of The Vauxhall Society, Vauxhall Park is back on the map. By the end of 2011, the park had disappeared from maps and text published by Vauxhall One, the consortium of local businesses behind February’s referendum over whether or not the Vauxhall Cross area should have a Business Improvement District (BID). Now, […]

Are the police worth local business’s coppers?

Do local businesses think they’re getting their money’s worth from Lambeth police? If you’re running a business in Lambeth we’d like to hear your views at We also invite the police to comment on complaints that they’re too politically-correct to crack down on a particular gang of shoplifters. DIY ‘justice’? One long-established Lambeth DIY […]