Art historian urges Lambeth to find development partner and unlock potential of purpose-built Records Office/Archives Centre/ Gallery/Museum

Lambeth could make money by making more of its history, says the distinguished curator and art historian David Coke. In a letter to The Vauxhall Society, Coke says that Lambeth‘s archives are ‘second to none’ but are an asset councillors ignore, treating this treasure-house as ‘a cost and liability’. Coke urges Lambeth to get together […]

Vauxhall Society rejects Lambeth’s ‘Consultation’ on future of Durning and TSL Libraries

Lambeth residents have been subjected to some 39 consultations in 2015 – more than triple the number in 2013.  The Vauxhall Society management Board has become increasingly concerned about a number of these consultations and wishes to place on record its rejection of order cialis online canada'>order cialis online canada Lambeth’s current ‘Consultation’ on the price of viagra future of Durning and TSL Libraries. A […]

Lambeth Libraries: No choice but to SHOUT!

Democracy Lambeth-style had another outing at the Cabinet meeting on Monday December 7. Library campaigners were baffled to learn that they could not speak at all – not even a rapid three-minute gabble, which is the best they normally get. It wasn’t that kind of meeting, said council leader Lib Peck: “I am not just being bloody minded in […]

More criticism of Lambeth consultations – Durning TSL Libraries

Tate South Lambeth Library 1

The official Durning and Tate South Lambeth (TSL) Library consultation closes on 21 December 2015.  Before completing that you may care to read the open letter from Christina Burnett of Vauxhall CIC – a community interest company that works closely with TSL Library OPEN LETTER TO Cllr EDBROOKE RE DURNINGTSL Lambeth residents have been subjected […]

Tate South Lambeth Library emergency

Tate South Lambeth Library exterior

Our friends at Friends of Tate South Lambeth have sent out the following email to their members and ask us to do the same to members of The Vauxhall Society. We reproduce it below (and added in some of their pictures showing how popular the library is). You can pop in to the library (180 […]

Could a School of Mosaic set Vauxhall a–glitter?

southbank mosaic's interpretation of william blake's daughters of albion

Wanted, one Vauxhall developer with a property that needs house-sitting for a couple of years or so. That’s all it might take to viagra 50mg make the Vauxhall riverside the HQ for the march of the mosaics, topping off the area’s mass of vibrant outdoor mosaics with a dedicated School of Mosaic. It would be a registered […]

Lambeth’s library closures to cause ‘immediate economic damage’

jane edbrooke

Lambeth politicians will cause ‘immediate economic damage’ to the borough if they do not rethink their plans to cram the borough archives into Brixton Library in the rush to sell off the archives’ current home at the Minet Library in Stockwell. This is the charge made after an emergency meeting of levitra in canada'>levitra in canada the Lambeth Local History […]

‘Lambeth Libraries in Peril!’

durning library exterior

No, not The Vauxhall Society’s headline, but that of a press release by the Friends of Lambeth Libraries, who say they are ‘appalled’ by Council plans to halve the number of public libraries in Lambeth. Here is the press release: Friends of Lambeth Libraries speaks for libraries and communities all over the borough. We are […]

Judge Sycamore and the Friends of Durning Library’s hellish Tree of Heaven 

tree of heaven durning library

There hasn’t been such a to-do about trees around here since the national press caught on to the Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens support of Lambeth Council’s chopping down  of mulberry trees on cialis medication the historic  site to make way for £300,000-worth of black concrete columns. The tangled tale of the Friends of Durning Library and their logjam […]