Invitation to hear a talk on the history of Brunswick House

Brunwswick House

An invitation from Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library to attend a talk given by Ferrous Auger about the history of Brunswick House. Brunswick House Lassco is a Georgian townhouse in the middle of the gyratory system in Vauxhall. In the eighteenth century Brunswick House (originally Belmont House) stood in five and half acres of […]

Libraries Campaign: time for some answers?

Reaction to the Libraries Commission report (read it here: is now coming in, and could be summarised as ‘could have been worse, but still far too vague’. The Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library tell us they’re relieved that their and other smaller libraries are not for the chop, or not yet. On the […]

Libraries Campaign: your local library to go?

The long-awaited report of the ‘Libraries Commission’ that Lambeth Council set up under its ‘Cabinet member for Culture, Sport and the 2012 Games’ is now published. As the council’s own website says, Lambeth has the lowest usage, highest cost per visit and lowest levels of user satisfaction of any London borough. The commission’s report is […]

Libraries Campaign: petition MPs, punish your councillors?

Want a debate in the Commons about Lambeth and other local authorities’ plans to lose libraries? Then here’s a petition for you to sign ( But read on… It’s all gone quiet of late in the ‘to cut or not to cut’ story of Lambeth’s libraries, but a cliffhanger is only a page or two […]

Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library call for help

Faced with the prospect of draconian cuts to the Library – including the possibility of closure – the Friends of Tate South Lambeth library have issued a call to arms on their website:   On 21 November  the Libraries Commission will present its report on the futureof Lambeth’s libraries to Lambeth Council. That report will […]

Libraries campaign: sins of Commission?

Could it be a sign that Lambeth Council set up the ‘Libraries Commission’ as just a smokescreen for the decision to start closing seven of Lambeth’s nine libraries? Vauxhall Society affiliate The Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library has issued a call to arms, and they must know something because FTSL’s Laura Swaffield is a […]

Tate South Lambeth’s Digital Bazaar: Sat 3 Sep, 10am-noon

Tate South Lambeth Library 180 South Lambeth RoadLondon SW8 Want to get the best out of your mobile phone? Learn how to search the internet and use email? Set up a blog, use Facebook and/or Twitter? Try making free calls with Skype? Make your own free website with WordPress? Learn to add soundtracks and music […]

Libraries campaign: bonfire of the books?

Could Lambeth councillors be about to make one of the country’s duffest library services even worse? We’ll see in November. the month of Guy Fawkes Night, which is when the council’s ‘Libraries Commission’ is due to report. Today is a particularly good time for you as an individual or community group to have your say […]