Still at risk: ‘Vauxhall Bus Station must go!’, says Council leader

Jonathan Cook

‘The [Vauxhall] bus station will be replaced.’ So says the Deputy Leader of Wandsworth Borough Council, Jonathan Cook, as The Vauxhall Society’s all-party, capital-wide Save Vauxhall Bus Station campaign online petition heads for its 2,000th signature. Contacted by a constituent asking for Wandsworth Council to oppose Lambeth’s ‘extraordinary proposals to demolish Vauxhall Bus Station’, Cllr […]

Vauxhall Bus Station: What a difference a decade makes…


Ten years ago, a Peter Hendy, Managing Director of Surface Transport at Transport for London, Peter Hendy, said: “The Vauxhall Cross interchange [Bus Station] has been an ambitious project for TfL. For passengers at Vauxhall Cross, changing between bus, rail and Tube had been difficult for a long time. At the same time, pedestrians and […]

NLE no longer flush with cash as developers pooh-pooh sewage scheme?


Vauxhall community groups have long held their noses over Lambeth councillors’ scramble to do the bidding of Transport for London and support the Northern Line Extension (NLE) to the luxury flat and office developments at Battersea Power Station (BPS). Now BPS’s developers themselves are kicking up a stink, and it could derail NLE even before […]

Northern Line Extension: TfL’s New Year Resolution – ‘Must start drilling boreholes from Kennington to Battersea’

Transport for London ‘needs to undertake further investigation work to understand the ground conditions’ along the route of the tunnels to be dug for the proposed Northern Line Extension from Kennington to Nine Elms and Battersea. This will involve drilling boreholes to check on soil-type and water ground-levels between January and April. The work will […]

Northern Line Extension: even more commercial developers need to be crammed into Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea if business is to repay that £1 billion Treasury loan

Vauxhall Cluster diagram.jpg

Battersea and Nine Elms, the two new Tube stations on the projected Northern Line Extension, will have to be in Transport for London’s Zone One, the same as Vauxhall, and so will Kennington. That’s the verdict from developer CLS’s Richard Tice, writing to the Secretary of State for Transport in support of the Northern Line […]

NLE: is the fix still in?

‘Is the fix in?’ The Vauxhall Society asked in November as the Public Inquiry into the Northern Line Extension opened in Wandsworth. The question inferred that the inquiry (like NLE itself) is a waste of borrowed public money, that NLE will happen whatever anyone thinks. The public inquiry is still under way, but on 5 […]

Northern Line Extension Public Inquiry: Is the fix in?

On Wednesday 13 November a London Evening Standard property journalist had a scoop of sorts concerning Vauxhall, Nine Elms & Battersea. The journalist announced that VNEB’s ‘Achilles heel’ – the absence of a Tube line – is no more. ‘The Northern Line spur from Kennington will plug Battersea into the (Tube) network for the first […]