One Nine Elms: the Wandsworth deal that made Boris Johnson happy for the highest skyscrapers yet to ‘browbeat, shade, congest and wind-tunnel’ Vauxhall

Market Towers, Vauxhall

The Mayor of London (Boris Johnson), Wandsworth Council and the Chinese developer Dalian Wanda have done a luxury hotel property deal at Vauxhall Nine Elms that delivers less than half the promised 900-plus jobs, the BBC reports. The loss of jobs led to Lambeth’s objecting to Dalian Wanda’s plans to redevelop Market Towers on the Wandsworth/Lambeth […]

Tall tales: the Vauxhall skyscraper tally so far

Tall buildings in Vauxhall

Martin Stanley, gimlet-eyed local historian and newsletter editor of TVS member, Fentiman Road and Richbourne Terrace Residents Association, put the Vauxhall Cross documents online via his indispensable Vauxhall and Kennington website, where you follow the link highlighted in red. You may find these documents are of great interest: Map of eight tallest buildings to have received planning […]

Matthew Wood, a man Vauxhall should not forget

Spare a thought for Matthew Wood on Wednesday 16 January, for it is unlikely that any of the bigwigs of Vauxhall, Nine Elms & Battersea business, officialdom or local politics will. Matthew Wood lived in Sutton, Surrey. He was 39 when he died, on his way to work in Vauxhall at 7.59am, rush hour, on […]

Northern Line Extension: even more commercial developers need to be crammed into Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea if business is to repay that £1 billion Treasury loan

Vauxhall Cluster diagram.jpg

Battersea and Nine Elms, the two new Tube stations on the projected Northern Line Extension, will have to be in Transport for London’s Zone One, the same as Vauxhall, and so will Kennington. That’s the verdict from developer CLS’s Richard Tice, writing to the Secretary of State for Transport in support of the Northern Line […]

NLE: is the fix still in?

‘Is the fix in?’ The Vauxhall Society asked in November as the Public Inquiry into the Northern Line Extension opened in Wandsworth. The question inferred that the inquiry (like NLE itself) is a waste of borrowed public money, that NLE will happen whatever anyone thinks. The public inquiry is still under way, but on 5 […]

NLE: the objections mount

Transport for London is leafletting Vauxhall heavily ahead of the 8 October closure date of consultation and the Public Inquiry in November into TfL’s proposals on the Northern Line Extension under Vauxhall from Kennington to Battersea Park. A key feature of the leaflet is the section ‘Why do we need the NLE’ that doesn’t say […]

NLE: is TfL just storing up trouble for itself by giving objectors the brush-off?

‘Frankly, if counsel in my court answered questions from the Bench in the way in which TfL’s lawyers purport to answer these submissions on NLE, they would be in trouble!’ This is what a Judge says to The Vauxhall Society about the answers Transport for London’s lawyers are giving to protesters against the Northern Line […]

NLE: Want to join the call for a public enquiry? Here’s how, but it must be before 18 June

VNEB DATA, the pressure group on transport questions is urging indiciduals and residents’ groups in Vauxhall to join the call for a public enquiry into the Northern Line Extension. Transport for London’s proposals for NLE are ‘deficient on financial, environmental, safety and transport grounds’, DATA charges. There is still time for you to have your […]