Vauxhall Sky Gardens: All pie in the sky?

Vauxhall Sky Gardens

You couldn’t make it up. In an Economist article on VNEB (16 February,pp 25,26) Simon Jenkins describes tall-buildings policy as ‘corrupt’, not because people are stealing money but because nowadays councils get a rake-off from planning proposals they OK. Hence ‘a wall of glass from Bermondsey to Battersea’. Now comes news that, three and click now viagra 50 mg a […]

Traffic and the Vauxhall Gyratory: three questions for the Wednesday 20 March public meeting

Martin Stanley of TVS affiliate the enter site buy cialis in canada Fentiman Road and Richborne Terrace Residents Association has come up with three questions worth Vauxhall people asking at the public meeting on levitra pharmacy'>levitra pharmacy the Vauxhall Nine Elms ‘regeneration’ and the Northern Line Extension that Lambeth is viagra online canada holding at 7pm on Wednesday 20 March at the Wheatsheaf Hall, Wheatsheaf Lane, SW8 […]

International design competition for Vauxhall

There’s cheering New Year news for Vauxhall, in the shape of an international competition to find what the organisers term ‘The Missing Link’. No, not a search along the Vauxhall riverside to find the fossil linking man to the apes, but a competition initiated by the Royal Institute of British Architects, Vauxhall One, the Landscape […]

Vauxhall Society AGM: how family-friendly is VNEB?

Vauxhall Society affiliate the Fentiman Road, Richborne Terrace and Dorset Road Residents’ Association attended the Society’s AGM, and reported back to members that VNEB planners ‘do not expect to attract many families’, adding ‘There will be no new secondary school and cialis in canada only one new primary school. Families will be expected to travel outside the immediate […]

Vauxhall Cross Gyratory petition, consultation: time to have your say as Lambeth and Transport for London bicker over whether the car is king

One point that came out strongly from The Vauxhall Society’s well-attended AGM on 26 November is that if you have any ideas on what you want or do pill price viagra'>pill price viagra not want to see done about the traffic at Vauxhall Cross, then you should do something yourself, indeed two things, and now. One is: Respond before 26 […]

Skyscraper stampede: what does ‘affordable housing’ mean?

One answer is ‘whatever the local authority and a developer agree what it means’. The Vauxhall Society asked Vauxhall developer CLS what ‘affordable housing’ means to them. CLS seeks planning permission from Lambeth for the huge Vauxhall Square scheme at Vauxhall Cross, with ‘110 units of affordable housing’, as well as 410 other properties, which […]

Stockwell Park Residents Association: ‘Vauxhall to have a tenth of New York’s open space’


Fans and foes of the VNEB development area alike bandy about the word ‘ Manhattan’ to describe the glass canyons now going up in Vauxhall. But Manhattan, unlike VNEBland, has opera, theatre and museums as well as skyscrapers. In her report to Stockwell Park Residents Association on the Vauxhall Society AGM, Jacqueline Laughton-Scott notes VNEB’s […]

Vauxhall Gyratory: no change there, then?

  The latest newsletter from DATA, the umbrella group of local transport activists, picks up on TfL’s assertion at The Vauxhall Society’s AGM (26 October, although DATA seems to think it was 10 October) that, whatever is to price of viagra'>price of viagra be done about the Vauxhall Gyratory, nothing will be done to reduce traffic. That, asserts TfL’s Richard […]

NLE: Vauxhall residents group IMPACT testing TfL’s claims to be leafletting 40,000 homes

Residents group IMPACT doubts Transport for London’s claims (see email below) to have distributed 40,000 of the latest TfL consultation leaflet on the Northern Line Extension. That’s partly because many Vauxhall householders say they have yet to receive this latest leaflet, and partly because it’s the anniversary of a previous TfL consultation claim that involved […]