keybridge house

Keybridge House, Vauxhall: where ‘heritage reaches new heights’ and Lambeth councillors sink to new depths

Lambeth Councillors are expected on Tuesday 7 July to rubber-stamp yet another secret deal struck with commercial developers under the enter site buy real viagra online cloak of try it buy viagra on line ‘commercial confidentiality’. The Friends of Vauxhall Park and only best offers female version of viagra Lambeth’s own public consultation body, the Kennington Oval & Vauxhall Forum, object, saying that … [Read More...]

southbank mosaic's interpretation of william blake's daughters of albion

Could a School of Mosaic set Vauxhall a–glitter?

Wanted, one Vauxhall developer with a property that needs house-sitting for a couple of years or so. That’s all it might take to make the Vauxhall riverside the HQ for the march of the mosaics, topping off the area’s mass of vibrant outdoor mosaics with a dedicated School of Mosaic. It would be a … [Read More...]