Government to investigate Lambeth’s plans for libraries

The Department for Culture Media and Support (DCMS) is to investigate Lambeth's plan to change some libraries in the borough into 'healthy living centres.' The centres would be run by  Greenwich Leisure Limited - a social enterprise which currently runs some of Lambeth's leisure services. Under the Public … Continue reading

55 Bondway planning application received

A new planning application has just been received relating to a property on Bondway - Vauxhall bus station area - towards the Parry Street end next to the estate agents. 16/00576/FUL - 55 Bondway London SW8 1SJ The application, made by The Vauxhall Trust, states "Demolition of an existing office … [Read More...]



Protestors from all over Lambeth are expected to gather at the two libraries under immediate threat of closure; Grade II listed Carnegie Library and Minet Library (home to Lambeth Archives). Minet Library was packed yesterday (Tuesday 29th March) for  Children's book at bedtime.  Further events are planned … [Read More...]


Kennington Oval ‘Cricketers’ up for redevelopment

Ever wondered what is happening to the Cricketer's at the back of the Oval? Lambeth has just received a planning application (16/01181/FUL)to develop the site into a 6 storey residential building with commercial ground floor space.  The full description in the application states: "Redevelopment of the … [Read More...]

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TVS Guided Walk: 1pm Saturday 2nd April – Kennington Park

This month's guided local history walk will cover Kennington Park. Meet 1pm on Saturday 2nd April at the Oval Farmers' Market. April was chosen for this walk as the 10th April is the anniversary of the Chartist 'Monster' Meeting held on that date in 1848 (see picture). The walk will cover all of the … [Read More...]