One Nine Elms

Skyscraper scramble: meet the One Nine Elms ‘neighbours’

What do the words ‘neighbourhood meeting’ mean to you? In Vauxhall these days, ‘neighbourhood meeting’ can mean a gathering organised by a smarmy public relations company in the pay of a Chinese property developer, Dalian Wanda, builder of Vauxhall/Nine Elms’ tallest skyscraper yet, One Nine Elms. This … Continue reading

These Were Our Sons book cover

Vauxhall remembers

An enduring act of remembrance is the work that went into the research and writing of Vauxhall author Naomi Lourie Klein’s book These Were Our Sons. Naomi tells the stories of the 574 men listed on the Lambeth War memorial at Stockwell Clock Tower. On Tuesday 4 November, the author, who is Chairman of the … [Read More...]

kylun site vauxhall towers

Where’s Vauxhall Bus Station gone?

Who runs Vauxhall, the politicians or the property industry? Or are both just parts of the same business? You have to ask yourself, when you see in the property press proposals for grassing over Vauxhall Bus Station to make a nice front garden for two new skyscrapers that, by the way, could become four and, … [Read More...]

royal vauxhall tavern

Royal Vauxhall Tavern sold to mystery owners

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern has been sold to unidentified new owners, in what may be the gay pub's last chance to escape the clutches of the property developers. “I’ve got five years to get RVT turned around and made into a viable business, but for that to happen we need support from the gay community,” James … [Read More...]

vauxhall park gates

Like to have your say about the future of Vauxhall Park?

Show up at Parco Cafe, Saturday 18 October, from 10.30 am. The Friends of Vauxhall Park invite you to look in at Parco Cafe, this Saturday, 18 October, from 10.30am to give your views on improving the park. Lynn Kinnear and Florence Moon of Kinnear Associates will there to hear from you. FOVP and Lambeth … [Read More...]

vauxhall pleasure gardens proposed statues

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens: the art of artworking

Vauxhall is to get two more municipal ‘artworks’, to add to the outsize bath toy hippo now bobbing about at anchor in the Thames off Vauxhall Bridge. The latest artworks are to perch atop the two 40-ft black concrete pillars commissioned by the Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and erected at the … [Read More...]