proposed brixton hoarding

‘Say something nice about Lambeth Council for a change’

That's the challenge from a Vauxhall Society member, who says it’s ‘boring’ to read repeated criticisms of Lambeth’s property-development ambitions. The short answer is ‘Boring to read? Try writing the stuff’. The Vauxhall Society objects to few development proposals, perhaps less than one in 20, and … Continue reading

northern line extension

Northern Line Extension: legal challenge withdrawn

Looks like it’s full speed ahead for the Northern Line Extension after the rapid-fire withdrawal of a High Court challenge to an Act of Parliament nodded through at Transport for London’s bidding. The Transport Works Act OK’ing the start of building work on NLE sailed through Parliament on 13 October … [Read More...]

joshua reynolds vauxhall gardens link boy

Children in the art of Vauxhall Gardens

One of The Vauxhall Society’s aims has been to rescue and preserve our 40-year-old local history archive. Now the archive is online for all to see, and we are adding fresh material. The first offering of 2015, but by no means the last, is Miriam Al Jamil’s comparison of how children are portrayed in the art … [Read More...]

minet library lambeth archives

Does the way Lambeth’s handling our libraries suit your book?

What the blue blazes are Lambeth councillors up to with our libraries? Lambeth people were asked to give their views by 26 January on where Lambeth Archives, presently crammed into Myatt's Fields’ Minet Library, should be rehoused.  The Vauxhall Society’s response was to recommend Vauxhall Cross or … [Read More...]

Vauxhall Bridgefoot TFL plans

Kate Hoey: ‘You will now understand why the local community have been so clear that they did not trust TFL or Lambeth over the Vauxhall bus station plans. The community are usually proved right’

Well, there you have it. It’s as The Vauxhall Society has argued all along. Transport for London is a property developer on the grand scale. Lambeth Council is TfL's partner in Vauxhall, where travellers, buses and bus stations keep getting in the way. And all the endless TfL/Lambeth … [Read More...]

Vauxhall Bus Station art competition

Vauxhall Bus Station: make mine a Worthington?

Oh, dear. Could someone have shot Lambeth Council and Transport for London’s fox? The Save Vauxhall Bus Station community campaign is brandishing a new plan for the redevelopment of the Vauxhall Cross one-way gyratory. TVS member Martin Worthington’s plan, campaigners say, would deliver the two-way traffic … [Read More...]

vauxhall bus station campaign badge

Vauxhall Bus Station: NAG, NAG, the cat’s out of the bag

Word’s getting out beyond Vauxhall that Lambeth Council and Transport for London are cooking the books by limiting to the Vauxhall Cross area the ‘consultation’ on the Council and TfL’s intention to do away with the ten-year-old Vauxhall Bus Station to make money out of retail property development. Norwood … [Read More...]