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Our free monthly guided walks run from February to October each year. We will be publishing our 2016 schedule shortly.
There is not need to book Vauxhall Society walks just turn up. Check our website for meeting places, or email vauxhallcs@gmail.

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Made-to-Measure Guided Walks
The Vauxhall Society offers made-to-measure guided walks for Vauxhall employers as well as for other groups researching or wishing to tour the district. To discuss, please email



Monthly guided local history walk: Saturday 7 May 1pm

This month’s guided local history walk starts on Saturday 7th May. Meet 1pm at Oval Farmer’s Market.  The walk is scheduled to take about an hour and will finish near Kennington Park café where there is an event going on – an opportunity to share memories of Kennington Park.

This month’s walk will celebrate people – famous and infamous -who have contributed to the development of the area in some way. It will also cover some of the shops/businesses/industry that have in some way impacted on the area

Many people will be aware that Vincent Van Gogh and Charlie Chaplin once lived in the area and ‘Monty’ 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein was born here but they are remembered for achievements elsewhere.  Others like JA Sharwood, Elias Ashmole, John Tradescant, Henry Fawcett, Sir Henry Tate, John Doulton etc. have had a major impact on the development of the area from parks, libraries, streets, buildings etc.

The image to the right is a headed notepaper of JA Sharwood & Co Ltd. It shows Offley works – an industrial building hidden behind the former Belgrave Hospital for Children and nearby residential properties .  Arguably, the word “Chutney” was first introduced to the English language from this factory or at least Chutney was first packaged here and sold nationwide.  The brand is still known today – Sharwoods Pickles.1930%20letter%20from%20Director%20of%20JA%20Sharwood's%20to%20Traveller%20AW%20Shaw